DiliTrust is a unified suite of 5 modules to digitize and automate all your company's legal activities and gain in productivity.

Thanks to it, you can share and collaborate in complete security, anywhere, anytime. On the DiliTrust media site, discover articles, videos and content to download that will help you digitize your practices.

💡 Did you know. In 2022, DiliTrust merged with French legaltech Hyperlex with a common goal: to offer an integrated suite of secure and innovative solutions for legal departments and operational teams.

DiliTrust's CLM module is now powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence of which we are very proud.

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What is an NOA?

What is an NOA?

The NDA, for Non-Disclosure Agreement, is a contract that many companies regularly use. This agreement allows to effectively protect the commercial interests of the company, at a lower cost, during negotiations...

What is corporate governance?

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance is not a new concept. From time immemorial and whatever the company, it is governed in such a way as to ensure the interests of its stakeholders. But with the evolution of society's customs, these interests and these stakeholders...

How to set up an ISMS?

How to set up an ISMS?

Implementing an ISMS - an acronym for Information Security Management System - is a major challenge for the company. The data that it possesses and manipulates represents a precious asset that must be secured. In a context of...

Tech Lex: Experts speak out

Behind the scenes of Hyperlex's Machine Learning team

Behind the scenes of Hyperlex's Machine Learning team

Hyperlex is a SaaS solution for contract management. Since its creation, Hyperlex has been developing its own artificial intelligence. It is thanks to this AI that we can offer our service. It analyzes contracts and extracts important data...

Legal toolbox:
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The guide to legal digitisation

All the keys to succeed in the digital transformation of your legal department! From choosing your future legaltech to analysing the results after the implementation, follow each phase step by step...

The checklist for digitising your contractual processes

From the identification of needs to the implementation of an adapted contract management solution, here is the checklist to digitise your contractual processes.

The 6-step guide to choosing your legaltech

We guide you step by step to choose the Legaltech that will meet your needs! There are currently 208 LegalTechs in France! But how do you choose a legaltech and how would you set it up?

How to defend your legaltech project internally?

A guide to convincing decision makers to invest in the contract management solution of their choice.

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