For the second year in a row, Hyperlex has been awarded the Golden Trophy for the best legaltech at the Sommets du droit. This event rewards the rising stars of the legal sector. Let's take a look.

Hyperlex, best legaltech of 2021: an extra award on the team's shelf

The 2021 Gold Trophy for Best Legaltech in the Contract Management category is a further accolade for the Hyperlex team.

The latter had also won the Start You Up Competition of the law firm August Debouzy in 2018, the EDF Pulse Prize in the Smart Business category in 2019 and the Golden Trophy for the Best Legaltech in 2020.

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Alexandre Grux (at the microphone on the right of the podium), CEO and co-founder of the company, surrounded by the Hyperlex team at the Trophées du Droit 2021 ceremony: (from left to right) Christophe Henner, COO, and Justine Guine, Head of Customer Success

An award for the team, but also (and above all) for Hyperlex's artificial intelligence

In concrete terms, what does Hyperlex do? Centred on contracts and the valuable data they contain, the solution allows, thanks to its proprietary artificial intelligence, to automate a large number of low added value tasks. For example: the search for contractual information, the monitoring of obligations, the analysis of key contract data, etc.

The Hyperlex solution thus frees up time for all those who handle contracts on a daily basis - and in particular for legal and financial departments.

With this legal technology, companies can ensure good contract management and focus on their core business!

At Hyperlex, a team is entirely dedicated to the contract history recovery activity, which consists of migrating all of a client's contract data into a secure, reliable and ready-to-use database. These are the Contracts Analysts! Find out more about this team.

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The Law Summits, the leading event in the legal world

Each year, the Law Summits event honours professionals in the legal, litigation, real estate and financial sectors. The 21st edition gathered more than 1,000 participants and rewarded legal actors in several categories.
- Best Legaltech: contract management and law firm management
- Best international law firms
- Best specialist teams

A three-part event

Stage 1: application file and oral presentation. Each candidate must put together a complete file and prepare an oral presentation of the company's achievements. This oral presentation takes place in front of the members of the jury composed of legal and financial directors, investment bankers and investment funds.

Stage 2: selection of candidates. The companies invited to compete are selected by the editorial staff of Décideurs Juridiques magazine (Leaders League group) after careful analysis and ranking.

Stage 3: deliberation and awarding of prizes. The panel of juries deliberates after attending the various orals in order to elect the candidates who will receive a Gold Trophy in each category. The following are taken into account: the excellence and progress of the company over the last two years, the quality and density of the dossiers, and the innovation provided. Finally, during the awards ceremony, the winners in each category receive their prize in front of the public.

Christophe Henner, COO of Hyperlex: "We are absolutely delighted to win this award, and we share it with all our customers.

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