Paris, September 29, 2021 – This is an almost unique event in the world of young, immense-growth companies and, a fortiori, in France. The start-up Hyperlex, which publishes contract management software, has just obtained the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 international certification on information security management systems and its extension which concerns the protection of privacy ISO 27701: 2019.

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This certification issued by AFNOR Certification attests the high level of security provided by Hyperlex to its customers and partners. “Contracts are one of the most valuable assets of businesses. This is why right since its creation, Hyperlex has placed security at the core of its DNA " , stated by Alexandre Grux, CEO and co-founder. "We must guarantee companies a high level of security for our information systems."

What does this dual certification mean?

In concrete terms, ISO IEC27001: 2013 is the standard that sets the benchmark for information security management systems (ISMS). The deployment of the recommendations of this standard facilitates security management (risk analysis, communication, human resources, asset management, access control, etc.).

The ISO 27701: 2019 (PIMS) standard relates to the governance and security measures which needs to be implemented, for processing personal data.

A certification which shall turn into a norm

Hyperlex is one of the first market players to obtain this certification. Basically, this certification process is complex for many companies, and even more so for start-ups, which are more focused on their hyper growth. Moreover, if many companies promote the ISO/IEC27001: 2013 standard, it is often their infrastructures, leased to certified service providers.

However, for the team, it is essential that more companies undertake the same approach, mainly in a context of dematerialization of the workstation and information systems. “Unfortunately, it is still rare to see young innovative companies like ours to get certified. Usually, these are usually big manufacturers ", mentions Christophe Henner, COO and DPO at Hyperlex.

While companies that use SaaS software and relegate a part of their information systems to the cloud is something which is increasingly common (even more since the pandemic), “according to us, it is irrefutable that security shall become important and essential in the future, while choosing service providers”. In other words, "getting certified will turn into the absolute standard in our market, we are only anticipating it", predicts Christophe Henner.

Therefore, it is up to players like Hyperlex to help improve the understanding of security topics by their customers and partners.

This the reason why, in the coming weeks, Hyperlex will be sharing educational content to help SaaS software buyers properly understand what lies behind ISO 27001: 2013.

It shall also unveil the scenery of certification, this time allowing companies that develop SaaS software to pinpoint the challenges, benefits and conditions which need to be met, in order to be certified.

ISO / IEC27001: 2013 certification in a few figures:

• 22nd: France's position in the world in terms of number of certificates (United Kingdom is 3rd; Italy, 5th, Germany, 7th and Spain, 9th) 1

• 392, this is the number of ISO 27001 certificates currently in France, or only 0.8% of certificates worldwide. 1

• 44,499 certificates are currently listed worldwide1

• 57%: this represents the growth in the number of certificates between 2018 and 2019, in France 2

• 14%: this represents the growth in the number of certificates between 2018 and 2019, worldwide2

1 The ISO Survey of Management System Standard Certifications, 2020 ( 2


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