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It is with great pleasure that we announce the merger of Hyperlex, created in 2017 by Alexandre Grux and Alexis Agahi, and the legaltech DiliTrust, led by Yves Garagnon, CEO, and Nadim Baklouti, CTO.

This exclusive partnership is the result of a meeting between true enthusiasts. It is part of a common desire to propose a unique offer that combines service, technology and know-how.

Our ambition? To become the European leader of legaltechs on a global scale, by proposing the most complete integrated offer on the market and providing an alternative to American vendors.

Hyperlex joins European champion DiliTrust

Hyperlex and Dilitrust merge ✨

For the past 5 years, Hyperlex has been developing the most innovative contract management solution on the market, thanks to its cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence.

Our vision and our teams have enabled us to support over 15,000 users in 40 countries. 

Because we share the same ambition to be the leading provider of solutions for legal and operational departments, we are joining DiliTrust, with its 2,000 customers in 50 countries around the world. 


What exactly does this mean? 🤔

Today, DiliTrust offers a series of different modules, including:

  • the board portal module, the board portal module, which enables efficient management of governance meetings, either face-to-face or remotely, and without the use of paper
  • the legal entity management module, which enables the management, monitoring and centralisation of all data relating to the legal affairs of a company's subsidiaries
  • the litigation management module, which automates the litigation management process
  • the documentation library  which enables all documents related to a company to be centralised in a secure manner
  • the contract management module

This last module will be entirely replaced by our Hyperlex contract management solution!

➡️ Why? In order to offer an integrated series of secure and innovative solutions that meet all the needs of legal and operational departments. Whether it's digital transformation, collaboration or compliance.


Why such a merger? 🤝

By joining forces, our two companies are determined to become the European leader with worldwide ambitions in all categories of software for legal departments.

Our individual expertise becomes common expertise... to go one step further!


As Jean-Claude Van Damme would say... 1 + 1 = 3 😜


DiliTrust will thus benefit from the expertise and artificial intelligence technology developed by Hyperlex, while Hyperlex will be able to accelerate the geographical deployment of its technology, thanks to the extensive coverage that DiliTrust has built up over the past 25 years in contact with the legal departments of major groups and mid-sized companies throughout the world.

Let's think even bigger, together! 👀

Finally, you can be sure that this strategic partnership between DiliTrust and Hyperlex is driven by shared values of customer-focused innovation, team spirit and the quest for excellence.


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