The electronic signature powered by artificial intelligence

The electronic signature powered by artificial intelligence


Alexandre Grux, CEO of Hyperlex, presents the new features of Hyperlex at the beginning of this year: a workflow module for validation with electronic signature.

Why propose an automated validation and signature circuit in Hyperlex?

After we released our first module to monitor signed contracts, it seemed essential for us to support companies in the pre-contractualization phase. The power of Hyperlex's AI makes sense in detecting anomalies and risks for the company before contracts are signed, whereas it used to be only possible in the audit phase.

What are the benefits of this new feature?

The integration of an electronic signature sharply accelerate and simplifies exchanges for professionals. Hyperlex users no longer need to chase their colleagues to collect their approval or signatures on a contract. From now on, they can add validators and/or signatories (with a single click), who will only have to review and/or sign the document. This circuit is open to people outside the company so your client or service provider can benefit from it. This integration is in line with our approach to support the dematerialization of companies' legal processes. The archiving and monitoring features already present in our solution are now applicable to electronically signed contracts.

But how does it work practically in Hyperlex?

After importing contracts to be validated (pdf or docx) in Hyperlex, the user can decide to set up sequential or parallel validation steps, adding as many validators as necessary. The latter will be notified by email of this request and will be able to review the contract and decide to approve it or not.

And it works the same for electronic signature, the user will be able to define his signature process by adding signatories and signature areas to monitor the status of these approvals.

What is Hyperlex’s AI added value in this process?

Our AI is now able to detect anomalies or elements that deviate from the company's compliance policy in contractual documents. Hyperlex can verify that the contracts do not contain any errors, that the company's reference clauses have not been modified or that the delegations of signature and authority are respected, for example.

When our artificial intelligence detects an anomaly, the validation process is interrupted to be corrected by the qualified person and then restarted. Thus, legal and compliance teams can reduce their efforts to better control business risk without slowing down operational processes. As for the operational teams, they can self-train to the company's internal rules by instantly receiving a first diagnosis of their contract with the appropriate explanations.

Who did Hyperlex partner for the implementation of electronic signature ?

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have decided to work with the most qualified players on the market to provide them adapted solutions: DocuSign !

Founded in 2003, offers the market-leading electronic signature solution with its extensive System of Agreement platform. 's cloud platform enables companies of all sizes and in all sectors to quickly and easily perform digitally all signatures, approval processes or transactions from anywhere in the world and from virtually any device. Today, enables more than 400,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries to accelerate and simplify their business."

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