Business cases

Hyperlex by Hyperlex

How does our team use the Hyperlex solution on a daily basis? Follow the coaches!

Aligning Sales & Legal teams in the negotiation phase: the story of Jean Clause and Jean Close

Find out how to streamline exchanges between legal and commercial teams to speed up and secure the closing, using a contract management solution.

Trace One and Hyperlex: smoothing exchanges between the legal and financial divisions

Download our business case to find out how Hyperlex has enabled Trace One to streamline exchanges between the legal and financial departments.

La Française des jeux bets on Hyperlex to store and manage its leases

Download our business case to find out how FDJ uses Hyperlex to store its leases and easily access contract information.

With Hyperlex, Naf Naf speeds up and secures its contractual processes

Download our business case to discover how Hyperlex has been able to secure Naf Naf's contractual processes and save time for its teams.

Fill-Med laboratories modernize their contract management with Hyperlex

Find out how Fill-Med's legal and operational teams make their contractualisation more fluid and secure their commitments.

Control your tacit renewals and activate new sources of savings

Find out how to increase your bargaining power with a quick analysis of your contracts using Artificial Intelligence.

Build a turnkey contract database thanks to the recovery of existing data

A use case to discover how to quickly initiate a reliable contract database in your contract management software.

UIMM: +1000 legal documents analysed in a few weeks by Hyperlex

Find out how UIMM teams have been able to verify the presence or absence of clauses in hundreds of collective agreements in just a few weeks.

Hyperlex, the smart contract management platform of Rakuten France

Find out how Rakuten France's legal department was able to better control its contract cycle and gain in productivity.

Time saving and contractual visibility for Coface thanks to Hyperlex

Discover with Brice Tariel, Innovation Director at Coface, how Hyperlex was set up for account managers to enable them to gain clarity on their contractual basis.

PrestaShop sales team gains contractual agility with Hyperlex-Hubspot connector

Find out how PrestaShop uses the Hyperlex connector for Hubspot to connect customer and contract data.