Build a turnkey contract database with historical data

With Hyperlex, manage your current and historical contracts 10 times faster than with a manual process.


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✔️ Feedback from a client in the insurance sector

Migrating contracts into a technology solution is often a painful step for companies. It's not just a matter of scanning documents and loading them into the solution, it's also a matter of capturing the key data they contain so that the information can be easily retrieved. Without this, it is impossible to isolate contracts that are due to expire in x months, or to extract those with a value of more than x euros, or to list the commitments for which the competent jurisdiction is located in a given country. The criteria are as numerous as there are companies...

When this input is manual, carried out by the client, it is time-consuming and often requires numerous internal resources. Hyperlex's contract history recovery consists of migrating all existing contracts into the solution, regardless of their volume and nature, by combining the skills of a team of legal experts capable of understanding the information the client wishes to track, and the artificial intelligence to carry out this operation in record time.

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Hyperlex took care of the takeover of our existing contracts and delivered a solution that we could use immediately. The speed of implementation corresponded well to the expectations of Fill-Med's management.

Jean-Baptiste Faverjon
Legal Affairs Associate, laboratoires Fill-Med

They did their contractual history takeover with Hyperlex...