The health crisis has accelerated the need for digital solutions for companies and democratized remote work. Notably for recruiters, who have to reinvent a way of recruiting without meeting the candidate... even for the signature of their employment contract

According to a study conducted by Usine Digitale and Sopra HR, in 2021, nearly 60% of HR professionals will see the recruitment of new remote employees as one of the changes in their business closely linked to Covid-19.

While HRIS tools are valuable resources for companies, they do not necessarily cover all of the needs of recruiters. 

So how do you organize yourself in the management of your work contracts and then in the signing of remote work contracts when you are a recruiter? 

How to sign a remote employment contract?

Generate and sign a remote employment contract

An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer. Once signed, it sets out the legal obligations by which they are bound for the duration of the contract.

Most of the time, it is the human resources departments that are responsible for drawing up these contracts.

Their content varies from one company to another. However, they must include the information required by the French Labor Code, as well as the employee's position, salary, working hours, place of work, etc. Certain clauses (confidentiality, non-competition, etc.) may also be added.

The exchange of this employment contract for signature between a company and a future employee is a key moment! It is framed by strict rules and must therefore be done in due form in a short period of time.

Using a CLM with electronic signature can help you generate and sign these employment contracts quickly and efficiently, saving you time... and productivity!


Manage your work contracts in a CLM

Gone are the days when you had to store employment contracts in binders and waste time looking for the right document! 

Today, it's pretty likely that you'll generate your employment contracts on a word processor, send them and store them digitally and securely (hopefully 😱).

But did you know that there is a simpler way? Thanks to a SaaS contract management solution like Hyperlex, you can store, generate, validate or even have your contracts signed, wherever you are, and in complete security. 

All of your and your candidates' data is protected. 🔐


The advantages of a CLM in the management of its employment contracts

Our CLM Hyperlex is a collaborative tool, designed to optimize all contractual processes in the company.

In particular, it assists HR throughout the entire life cycle of their contracts to save you time and productivity and to allow you to focus on your high value-added tasks.

Some of the benefits of a CLM like Hyperlex in the HR profession include:


⚙️ Automated contract generation.
Customize yourself the predefined template base of your employment contracts! You save time on the generation of the contract but also its negotiation. Thanks to the legal clausier, your clauses are pre-registered and you only have to select the one you need.

📝 Interoperability with Word or Gsuite
It's great to be able to automate your contract writing, but it's even better when you can keep the tools you're used to working with! With a CLM like Hyperlex, you can connect our solution to your favorite word processors.

💻The centralization of all your data
All your contracts are kept up-to-date in a secure database that you can consult at any time, from any location. All versions of your contracts are stored in the same place, so you can always keep track of their changes.

🔔 The alert and notification system
Thanks to a CLM like Hyperlex and in particular to the artificial intelligence with which it works, you are notified in real time so that you don't miss any deadlines such as the end of a trial period or the deadline to respond to an offer.

📊 Customizable dashboards
It is possible to isolate statistical data in dashboards in order to have an overall view of your department's contractual activity, in real time. A handy tool for your own audits and for reporting to your hierarchy!


🎁 Download: 6 HR tools to save time and deliver the best experience for your employees


Signing an employment contract remotely through a CLM

Thanks to a CLM like Hyperlex, it is also possible to have all your work contracts signed remotely! And this, in complete security.

Electronic signature tools have become essential today for all professionals who need to sign contracts. They are real assets to gain in efficiency and speed since they allow to dematerialize the signature process in all legality.

Indeed, the electronic signature tools all comply with the European regulation eIDAS, established by the EU.

Our solution is connected to a major part of the electronic signature actors available on the market and this, seamlessly! This means that the connection is made automatically.

In this way, signing a remote employment contract has never been easier.


🤔 How does it work?

Once the contract is finalized in Hyperlex, all you have to do is send an electronic signature request to the candidate - and future employee. No more printouts, no more mailings, no more official appointments but always in a hurry, since the candidate is informed by email instantly. They can then read the contract at their own pace and sign it immediately.

Thanks to a CLM coupled with an electronic signature software, an employment contract can be signed in only a few minutes! This way, you can welcome your new employees as quickly as possible.


"I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy Hyperlex's signing process was during my hiring.
I remember receiving my employment contract via email, ready for signature via DocuSign, within minutes of my response! I signed my contract within a day and was able to quickly start my notice period with the company that employed me at the time.
At a pivotal point in my professional life, both exciting and anxiety-provoking, this innovative process made me feel much more secure."


Stéphanie, Head of Marketing


🤩 Bonus: 

The path does not end with the employment contract with your new employees.

Thanks to Hyperlex, you can also have them sign all the documents related to their onboarding, such as material handover documents for example.

What an efficiency!


Want to know more about our CLM Hyperlex to facilitate your hiring process?

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