Fact Sheets

3 reasons to manage your contracts from your CRM

If a CRM allows you to gather all the information of your customers and prospects as well as the history of your relations with them, it's a bit the same with a CLM.

5 ways to improve your resource management with a CLM

Software for Contract Management (also known as CLM) software in SaaS mode is an efficient way to take control of the life cycle of your company's contracts.

Hellosign & Hyperlex's 6 promises to say goodbye to paper with peace of mind

Hyperlex: Accelerate and secure business by transforming your contractual processes.

Hellosign: Send, sign, and track your documents with ease.

5 advantages of a CLM for CIOs

In this content, you will discover what a CLM is and how it fits perfectly into the daily work of CIOs.

The ultimate checklist for digitising your contractual processes

From the identification of needs to the implementation of an adapted contract management solution, here is the checklist to digitise your contractual processes.

All about Legal Design

Definition, advantages, methodology, tools, best practices and advice. In this practical sheet, we tell you everything about Legal Design.

All you need to know about electronic signatures

Find out how the electronic signature works, its legality, its three levels of signature and its different cases of application in our practical sheet.

Secure and accelerate your contractualisation by automating your validation circuits

Discover in this practical sheet how validation workflows work and how to implement them with the example of one of our customers.