Legaltechs have become key players in the legal landscape and are numerous in their market. The Village de la Justice lists over 200 of them! Some legaltechs are aimed at litigants, others at legal professionals, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs or even corporate legal departments. The services offered are just as varied: document management, networking, dispute resolution, storage, etc.

Understand everything about legaltech in this article.


What is a legaltech?

Legaltech comes from the English expression "Legal Technology" which refers to the use of technology in the service of the law. The objective of these companies is to offer a digital service related to justice or the legal sector.

In France, these companies are mainly start-ups targeting the French market. They offer different services:

  • Drafting of legal acts and documents
  • Contract management
  • Platform for putting people in touch with each other
  • Digitalisation and automation of business processes
  • Starting a business
  • Legal watch
  • Predictive justice
  • Electronic signature
  • ...

The benefits of legaltech

Depending on the services offered, the objective varies, but their mission is always to simplify the daily life and legal procedures of the litigant or the professional. Digital tools democratise administrative procedures and facilitate the tasks of legal professionals.


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Legaltech is not just a service or product. Their mission is to accompany individuals or legal experts to lead them towards digitalization. The professionals within legaltech are usually former lawyers who understand the difficulties their clients may face and are there to assist, train and support them throughout their digital transformation.


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