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Automatic reminders of due dates, back billing discounts, volume bonuses... the Hyperlex contract management solution helps you to manage your supplier contracts on a daily basis.

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Hyperlex in a few figures

faster to digitise your contract base

more contracts validated and signed, even remotely


visibility and traceability on your contracts

on average to find, sort and export your data

Why Hyperlex?

Secure and accelerate contractualisation

With validation workflows, electronic signature...

Strengthen compliance of new contracts

With templates, clausier, versioning and clause comparison...

Connect your supplier contracts to your P2P software

Hyperlex integrates with your company-wide information systems to synchronise data from your business software. The information is entered once and always up to date!

Follow the obligations and don't miss any deadlines

With automatic reminders and intelligent search in a central database.

Analyse risks and performance

With your personalised dashboards, summary sheets, risk detection, export to Excel...

A safe for your supplier contracts!

Hyperlex is ISO/IEC 27011:2013 and ISO 27701:2019 certified! This is a real sign of confidence for our clients, which attests that the information processed and stored by Hyperlex is 100% secure.

Simple, efficient and innovative! The first quality of the tool is its simplicity and the ergonomics of the interface. Then, it offers all the expected functionalities to control its contractual management. Thanks to the combination of OCR and artificial intelligence, everything is possible in terms of contractual comparison or drafting assistance.


Purchasing Department, FM Logistic

More than 10,000 professionals in 40 countries trust us to manage their contracts

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