Hyperlex for Purchasing Departments

The Hyperlex contract management solution assists purchasing teams on a daily basis by allowing them to optimize the management of their supplier contracts.

✔ Secure and accelerate contractualization.
With validation workflows, the contract is mandatorily approved by the right people internally before it goes to signature! In addition, electronic signaturevia integrated tools such as Docusign and Hellosign allows to sign purchase orders quickly.

✔ Strengthen the compliance of new contracts.
Contract templates and collaborative clausier ensure compliance of the new contract or its amendments. Clause comparison and versioning highlight differences to facilitate negotiation.

✔ Keep track of obligations and never miss a deadline.
Contracts centralized and always up to date in a secure supplier contract database that can be easily consulted, even remotely. The programming of reminders on obligations makes it possible not to miss any deadline and thus avoid penalties and tacit renewals.

✔ Analyze risks and performance
Dashboards to visualize the evolution of supplier commitments, summary sheets to highlight important information and risk clauses without having to go through the document, and Excel export of this data to have a 360° vision and make the right decisions.

Simple, efficient and innovative! The first quality of the tool is its simplicity and the ergonomics of the interface. Then, it offers all the expected functionalities to control its contractual management. Thanks to the combination of OCR and artificial intelligence, everything is possible in terms of contractual comparison or drafting assistance.
Purchasing Department, FM Logistic


Thanks to Hyperlex, all of our approval requests are centralized, allowing us to ensure the traceability of our requests and contract validations, as well as the secure storage of our contracts. With our predefined channels, there are no shortcuts, just follow the right path!
Asana Abu, Associate General Counsel, Jumia Group

Before Hyperlex, we had a system for validating contracts by paper form that took days; with Hyperlex, the contract can be validated internally in just a few hours! The solution allows for a fluid contractual process, from the import of the contract to its approval and signature.
Isabelle Fillinger, Legal Director, Naf Naf

More than 7000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.