Hyperlex for Sales Management

Hyperlex's contract management solution supports sales teams on a daily basis by speeding up the closing process and reducing administrative tasks.

✔ Simplify the creation of the contract from the CRM
Generate your contracts directly from your CRM (e.g. Salesforce or Hubspot): in one click, you complete a form already pre-filled with information from your CRM and your contract is created in Hyperlex! With the review workflows, you automatically notify the legal department, which can check the contract if necessary, before sending it for negotiation.

✔ Speed up negotiations
Versioning highlights the differences between contract versions to instantly detect changes, blocking points and facilitate negotiation. Exchanges with the legal department are more fluid.

✔ Reduce closing time
With approval workflows, the contract is approved by the right people internally before it goes to signature! Each validator is notified automatically and can approve the contract quickly. In addition,the electronic signature via our partners Docusign and Hellosign allows you to sign your contracts faster and remotely. For you, it means more signed deals and for your legal department it means compliant contracts.

✔ Reduce administrative tasks
Less waste, more business! Hyperlex automates low value-added tasks and streamlines collaboration with the legal department at all stages of contract processing. No more unnecessary back and forth, no more multiple emails, no more delays in validation, no more confusion...

✔ Increase visibility into your opportunities
Hyperlex gives you more visibility into your customer relationships. Summary sheets highlight key contract data without the need to browse: dates, amounts, duration, etc. Everything important is visible at a glance. The search engine allows you to find key information in all your contracts in a few clicks.

✔ Easy access to contractual information
Your contracts are stored in a centralised database, accessible at any time and remotely. Automatic reminders alert you to deadlines so you can seize any upsell and renegotiation opportunities. You are more autonomous in monitoring your customers.

Before Hyperlex, we had a system for validating contracts by paper form that took days; with Hyperlex, the contract can be validated internally in just a few hours! The solution allows for a fluid contractual process, from the import of the contract to its approval and signature.
Isabelle Fillinger, Legal Director, Naf Naf

If I have questions about a contract today, I don't go and write an email to the legal department; I connect directly to the Hyperlex tool. And if something is really unclear, I contact the division.
Vincent Lemaine, Head of Finance France, Trace One

Hyperlex ensures the follow-up of contractual commitments, thanks to the programming of reminders on our deadlines. A revolution compared to Excel...
Tuyet Anh PHAM THI, is a management controller, La Française des Jeux

The contract is a cross-functional document, used by everyone in the company, and should allow for collaborative work. Hyperlex allows us to centralise all of our contracts in a secure manner and, thanks to the integrated electronic signature, to put in place a contractual process that is progressively moving towards zero paper. Having a digital contract database, accessible at any time and from any place, allows us to streamline exchanges within the company and, ultimately, for each individual to have a view of their own dedicated contractual perimeter.
Rozenn Gaudineau-Peltier, Tax Lawyer, Groupe IDEA

Hyperlex's dematerialised and centralised storage is proving to be very useful, not only for consulting current commitments remotely, but also for ensuring access to all users, in complete autonomy.
Jean-Baptiste Faverjon, Legal Affairs Associate, Fill-Med

The solution is a real time saver! With Hyperlex and its search engine, it is possible to access your document in a few clicks.
Tuyet Anh PHAM THI, is a management controller, La Française des Jeux

Thanks to Hyperlex, our account managers have access to a summary of their contractual relationship and the solution highlights the derogatory elements. In just a few clicks, they have access to all the contractual information they need.
Brice Tariel, Innovation Director, Coface

I immediately noticed that with Hyperlex I didn't have to go through the contract in a linear and tedious way. Thanks to the summary sheet, all the important elements of the contract (start date, duration, cost, surface area, etc.) are identified, which is a great help in our work, especially when you are not a lawyer by training.
Tuyet Anh PHAM THI, is a management controller, La Française des Jeux

More than 7000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.