Hyperlex for Human Resources

The Hyperlex contract management solution supports HR teams on a daily basis by providing them with a centralized view of employment contracts, but also by allowing them to accelerate and secure the recruitment process.

✔ Smoother, more secure recruitments
With contract templates, validation workflows and electronic signature via tools like Docusign and Hellosign, recruiting an attractive profile is secure, as they sign their employment contract or promise to hire within a day!

✔ Automated contract generation
with a base of predefined templates of employment contracts but also, little negotiation and back and forth on clauses thanks to collaborative editing tools (example: non-competition clause).

✔ All centralized employment contracts
Contracts centralized and always up to date in a secure contract database to be consulted easily, even remotely. Riders, customizable onboarding documents... everything is attached to the employment contract to facilitate your document management.

✔ Tools to simplify monitoring
An alert system to avoid missing any deadline (e.g. end of trial period, end of contract, deadline to respond to an offer) and dashboards to have an overview of the evolution of contracts in real time.

In practice: an example of recruitment with Hyperlex

Employer side

With Hyperlex and the integrated electronic signature, the employment contract and all related documents are quickly and easily signed. This process secures the recruitment of attractive profiles and improves the experience of the new employee. This is essential for a growing startup like ours!

Alexandre, CEO, Hyperlex

On the candidate side

I was surprised by Hyperlex's signature process during my hiring. I received my employment contract by email, ready for electronic signature, within minutes of my reply to Alexandre! I signed and was able to quickly start my notice period in the company that employed me at the time. At a turning point in my career, both exciting and anxiety-provoking, this innovative process really reassured me.

Stéphanie, Head of Marketing, Hyperlex

More than 7000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.