The 6-step guide to choosing your legaltech

We guide you step by step to choose the legaltech that will meet your needs!

There are now more than 200 LegalTechs in France! The offer is so abundant and diversified that, whatever your needs, a solution exists: drafting of legal acts and documents, business tools, secure exchange of documents, connection between legal actors and companies, secure storage of data and enhancement of documents... But how to choose your Legaltech? And how to set it up?


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✔️ Identify internal needs anddraw up my specifications

✔️ Benchmark and challenge existing solutions

✔️ Defending my project to the management

🎁 Comparison of existing legaltech

🎁 The checklist for choosing your legaltech

Domitille de Caslou, General Counsel & Privacy Officer, PrestaShop

First of all, I think that the project should not be supported solely by the legal department. It has to be well prepared with the heads of the other teams that could be concerned. It's important to prepare this area and possibly choose the tool with them, to give them a say in the thinking process.

They have successfully digitised with Hyperlex...