The essential guide to legal digitisation

All the keys to succeed in the digital transformation of its legal department!

Did you know that 88% of legal directors think that the covid-19 crisis will have a strong impact on the direction of change towards more digitalisation according to Day-One? In this guide, follow all the steps to undertake the digitisation of your legal department.


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What I will learn

  • Legal digitisation: what are we talking about?
  • Choosing a technological solution
  • Setting up its legaltech
  • Evaluate and communicate
  • The legal digitisation checklist

Isabelle Fillinger, Legal Director, Naf Naf

Ideally, you should contact legal directors who have already taken the plunge to see what the advantages of acquiring a technological tool are. Taking on a tool often means a lot of time and change. Then you have to take the time to analyse your needs and think about what you want from such a tool. Once these expectations are well defined, it is easier to put them in place.

They have successfully digitised their legal system with Hyperlex...