White Papers

The Glossary of Legal Innovation

Discover in this glossary the words and expressions you need to know to understand current and future issues in legaltech.

Our overview of tools to test in 2022

This white paper has been built in collaboration with 5 other French Tech solutions to digitalise all areas of your SME.

Purchasing: from forced digitalization to enlightened digital transformation!

The toolbox for the digitalisation of Purchasing Departments. Discover innovative tools to digitise the entire chain of business processes.

Study: contract management in the company in 2021

Is the contract a legal or a business issue? In this study, find out how collaboration around the contract will be organised in 2021.

The 6-step guide to choosing your legaltech

We guide you step by step to choose the Legaltech that will meet your needs! There are currently 208 LegalTechs in France! But how do you choose a legaltech and how would you set it up?

How to manage your contracts with the help of artificial intelligence?

Find out how artificial intelligence can help you manage your contracts.

The guide to legal digitisation

All the keys to succeed in the digital transformation of your legal department! From choosing your future legaltech to analysing the results after the implementation, follow each phase step by step...

COVID-19: Activating legal mechanisms to renegotiate, suspend or terminate the contract

A practical guide on the issue of contract performance in crisis situations: between force majeure and unforeseen circumstances.

Teleworking: employee experience and remote contract management

Explore teleworking best practices to optimize the employee experience and remote management of company contracts.

A forward-looking electronic signature

The Hyperlex and Hellosign teams look at the adoption of electronic signatures by companies in France and the challenges associated with it.

6 HR tools to save time and improve the internal experience

The six most innovative startups for HR departments share their secrets with you.

How to defend your legaltech project internally?

A guide to convincing decision makers to invest in the contract management solution of their choice.