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“The bluffing quality of the product and the interest in the needs, make Hyperlex one of the most remarkable services of the French Legaltech.”

Benjamin Moutte, Director of Legal & Government Affairs, Rakuten France

“Thanks to the clause search function, our teams can quickly find the necessary information within the scanned documents, saving precious time.”

Sophie Sebah, Cheffe du service relations individuelles de travail, UIMM

“Hyperlex was able to process millions of documents in just one month, when it would have taken more than 24 to 12 people to do so.”

Stéphane Adler, VP, Chambre des Notaires de Paris

“Thanks to its atificial intelligence, Hyperlex extracted the information necessary for our analysis from dozens of contracts, which allowed us to divide by 5 the time spent on our due diligence.”

Nathanael Le Moal, Chargé d'affaires, Arrago

More than 4,000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.

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