How are CLMs becoming the legal platforms of tomorrow?

In this round table, discover the new NDA proofreading service offered by Hyperlex and Kalexius to legal departments, told by those who have tested it!


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At Hyperlex, we are committed to optimising companies' contractual processes! So we proposed to two legal departments to outsource the review of their confidentiality agreements for three months, in tandem with the firm Kalexius. Time saving, reliability, this new service seduced them!

That's why we invited them to a round table discussion to share their experiences with the audience. To find out how to save even more time on contract review by combining CLM and an external service provider, download the replay of this webinar.

The speakers:
Marine Chambon, legal expert at Rakuten
Pauline Zimmermann, Legal Manager at Seqens
Nicolas Leroux, founder of Kalexius
Alexandre Grux, co-founder of Hyperlex

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