How to defend your legaltech project internally?

A guide to convincing decision makers to invest in the contract management solution of their choice.

You have chosen a solution to digitise your contractual processes and now you need to convince your decision-makers (in other words, get a budget)? Then this guide is for you!


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  1. Why is it important to defend your project internally?
  2. Who to contact? Identifying your contacts
  3. Raise awareness of the current situation
  4. Promote the benefits of its future solution
  5. Calculate the ROI of your contract management solution
  6. Confirm the decision by anticipating the implementation

🎁 Method sheet to calculate the cost of its contract management

Véronique Chapuis, founder of Lex Colibri and former vice-president of the AFJE 

The key is communication! The earlier you involve other departments, the more time you save by creating a dynamic!

They have successfully digitised with Hyperlex...