The toolbox for the digitalisation of Purchasing Departments

Discover the best practices and pitfalls of a successful digital transformation of the purchasing function.


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1. A changing function boosted by the crisis :

Responsible purchasing, a paradigm shift
The purchasing function, a new driver of innovation
Trends accentuated by the crisis

2. Digitalisation of the Purchasing function in SMEs and SMIs: What is the ideal toolbox?

Digitalisation desired but far from being a reality
What are the expected benefits? Productivity gains, of course.
From P2P to advanced management tools
Dematerialised expense management (too)
Electronic invoicing will soon be mandatory
Supplier contracts: digital to the rescue!

3. Digitalisation, a multi-faceted transformation

No efficiency without quality data
Driving transformation at the highest level of the company

4. Some tools for Purchasing

Hyperlex, HelloSign,, Libeo, Spendesk

Why this white paper?

We have consolidated, in a white paper, the best practices for the digital transformation of the Purchasing function in SMEs. Discover the toolbox for Purchasing Departments: innovative tools to digitalise the entire business process chain!

The objective of our book is to decipher the main trends and challenges of Purchasing digitalization projects. To do this, we have gathered the experience of :

- HABITAT - Franck Galibert, Collection Director

- GL Events - Stéphane Vissac, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Operations Director

- FRAIKIN - Geoffroy De Maupeou, Group Purchasing Director

- WINOA - Michaël Denizot, Chief Delivery Officer

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The Purchasing function is the cornerstone of the success of today's companies and even more so of tomorrow. It must truly create value by integrating the value chains in the fairest way possible.

Michaël Denizot,
Chief Delivery Office at Winoa

Any digitalization project must be accompanied by work on data. It is a global issue, a corporate project that requires real governance. Dedicating resources to data management is not easy in an SME or a SMI, but it is essential.

Stéphane Vissac,
Purchasing, Supply Chain and Operations Director at GL Events 

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