The Hyperlex by DiliTrust Contract module, THE solution to get the most out of your contracts.

✓ Increase the power of your contracts tenfold with AI
✓ Centralize your company's legal information
✓ Accelerate your contractual processes
✓ Secure your commitments and control your deadlines
✓ Analyze your contractual activity and make the right decisions

Go further: discover the 4 additional modules of the DiliTrust Governance Suite designed to simplify and streamline your corporate governance processes.

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A simple, fast and secure Contract Management solution

Centralise legal information

faster to create your contract database

Accelerating business activity

more contracts validated and signed, even remotely

Secure your contractual commitments


visibility and traceability on your contracts

Analyse to make the right decisions

on average to find, sort and export your data

More than 10,000 professionals in 40 countries trust us to manage their contracts

Hyperlex allows a gain in productivity and transparency. Productivity gains, because CRM information is filled in once and for all. Legal and billing information is all in one place. Requesting them once really saves time and streamlines processes, which reduces sales cycles. Transparency, because the interoperability between our CRM and Hyperlex allows for an up-to-date status.

Florent Dafour,
Sales Operations Manager, PrestaShop

When you work manually with Excel files, there are risks of missing certain deadlines... Since we set up Hyperlex, we haven't missed any.

Valérie Duroux,
Legal Manager, Trace One

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Our features

Contract generation

from your CRM or from templates

Clauses library

to capitalise on your legal know-how and ensure compliance

Approval and signature workflows

to approve and sign your contracts faster

Centralized and secure storage

Your teams can access their files even from a distance

Automatic reminders

so as not to miss any deadlines

Smart Search

Find the right information, at the right time!

Excel Export

to facilitate your audits, regardless of the volume of contracts

Document recognition

Our AI understands your contracts and pre-fills your summary sheets

Editing in Word

Use your favourite software to modify your contracts

Statistical dashboards

Analyse all contract activity at a glance


Easily compare contract versions in the negotiation phase

Risk detection

Our technology alerts you to changes

Rapid data migration with AI

Our Customer Success service uses our technology to offer you a document recovery process that is 10 times faster than a manual process carried out by your staff. Find out more about our contract history recovery service.

Simple and quick adoption of our solution

➀ Resume your contract history

Save time by entrusting us with your documents

➁ Personalized accompaniment

Benefit from configuration and training according to your needs

➂ Customized subscription

Take advantage of flexible packages depending on the number of users and documents

Our Technology

Hyperlex has developed a set of automatic language processing technologies capable of identifying and understanding key information in contracts.

We can analyse and validate hundreds of thousands of documents in record time.

With experience of over 10 million documents and over 20 terabytes of multilingual data , we have acquired a unique expertise in our sector.

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