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Hyperlex adapts to your needs and connects to your existing information systems to facilitate import, export and team management.

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Easier import of documents

Hyperlex allows you to import your legal documents in the format of your choice (pdf, docx, scans...), per unit, per file or per API.

An export compatible with your other software

Export your contractual information with the filters of your choice, in excel or by API within the information systems of your company (EDM, ERP, CRM...).


Simple and quick deployment

With no technical prerequisites, our online solution can be quickly deployed in-house. Its intuitive and ergonomic interface simplifies adoption by different teams.

A scalable AI that adapts to your needs

Thanks to Machine Learning, our solution learns to recognize the information that is important to you and adapts to the specifics of your contract base as you use it.

A tailor-made service

Because we believe that technology is not meant to dictate your uses but to assist you, Hyerlex has designed a flexible and easy-to-use tool.

The other advantages of Hyperlex



Security and confidentiality are guaranteed by our certified infrastructures and a unique level of encryption.

simplifier organisation contrats


Simplify the organization and processing of your contracts to focus on your core business.

accélérer revue de contrats

Save time

Accelerate the review and analysis of your contracts to increase your productivity.

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