Simplify the organization and processing of your contracts

Simplify the organization and processing of your contracts

Hyperlex frees you from tedious and non-value-added tasks such as entering or searching for information so you can focus on your core business.

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All your contracts in the same place at a glance

Import and organize all your legal documents, whatever their format, in a centralized and secure space.

An automatically pudated database

No more entering important data from your contracts: Hyperlex identifies them for you and extracts them directly from your documents.

A search engine that understands your contracts

With our intelligent search engine, quickly find all your documents by clause, type of contract, important information (dates, amounts, parts...) or keyword.

Templates to help you draft your contracts and clauses

Hyperlex allows you to create and update your own contract and clause templates from your document base.

The other advantages of Hyperlex

accélérer revue de contrats

Save time

Accelerate the review and analysis of your contracts to increase your productivity.



Increase your visibility to better control your risks and contractual commitments.



Centralize and share your legal documents in an easy to use interface within the company.

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