Hyperlex a développé une Intelligence Artificielle capable d'apprendre et de reconnaître automatiquement les informations clés de vos contrats.

The AI that helps you manage your contracts

✔ Hyperlex has developed an artificial intelligence that automatically recognises the key informations in your contracts: for you, this means both more visibility and real time savings.

✔ Based on Machine Learning, our technology is scalable : it learns the specifics of your business to become the specialist in YOUR contracts.

More than 4,000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.

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Our technology understands your contracts

It adapts and evolves with you...

Whatever the format of your document, our AI automatically identifies :

  • contract types (ex: NDA, lease, transport contract...),,
  • clauses (ex: responsibility,hardship...)
  • attributes (ex: dates, durations, amounts, applicable law...)

It makes suggestions that you just have to validate, instead of having to enter the information by yourself. With each click, you improve the suggestions of the AI who learns from your contracts. Our technology thus evolves with your use.

...to save you time

Our smart features

Automatic clause suggestions

Pre-filled summary sheets

Advanced search functions

Statistical dashboards

Automatic sorting in Excel

Artificial intelligence provides powerful search and decision support tools to assist you in the analysis of your contracts,, particularly during audits and reporting.

By automatically identifying document types, clauses and important informations, it also allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as collecting, classifying and summarizing information.

As a result, AI gives you more visibility into your commitments and allows you to save time to focus on your high value-added missions.

One AI, several innovations

The highest standards of confidentiality

Our independent cloud technology ensures document security through an innovative and certified encryption system. All our customers' data is stored in their own databases hosted in Europe.

Fast learning

Our AI requires only a small amount of data to learn. This so-called 'semi-supervised' learning allows it to identify, in an autonomous way, the documents and informations within your database. Our AI evolves with your use: it suggests, you validate. With each click, it continues to learn.

Intuitive interface adapted to analysis

Our software interface is optimized to facilitate the reading and analysis of complex documents such as contracts and their amendments. The extraction of this data in Excel spreadsheets and dashboards are valuable decision support tools in the analysis of business performance.

Tools for all your teams


Legal Department

A real gain in daily productivity, a reinforced control of legal risks and a facilitated collaborative process.


Finance Department

Increased visibility into financial risks, streamlined contracting processes and automated deadline monitoring.


Purchasing Department

Accelerated contractualisation, a precise view of your negotiation conditions and secure commitments over time.


Sales Department

Shorter closing delays to sell more and faster. Digitized and centralized contracts that are easy to find.


Information Systems Department

Centralized and secure management of legal information. A solution that integrates easily with your IS and can be deployed quickly.


HR Department

All employment contracts managed within a single platform to simplify drafting, signing and follow-up.

The gain in efficiency and comfort of work for the legal professions through legaltech tools such as Hyperlex is immense. The time we spend hundreds of hours combing through thousands of contracts looking for this or that clause is over !

Valentine Baudouin

former lawyer and Business Angel

A faster adoption thanks to AI

Our Customer Success service uses our technology to offer you a document recovery process that is up to 6 times faster than a manual process performed by your teams. Discover how to subscribe to Hyperlex.

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