Automate your validation processes

Automate your validation processes

Customize and speed up your contract review processes and take advantage of the electronic signature.

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Define your validation workflows

Once your contractual information is imported into Hyperlex, plan your validation steps by setting up sequential or parallel approvals. Your validators are then informed of your request by email and can consult and validate your document with one click. This way, you reduce transactions between your contacts thanks to automated processing of your validation circuits.

Integrate the electronic signature

Define your electronic signature processes in Hyperlex to accelerate and simplify your transactions. You can thus add signatories to your contracts in order to notify them by email of your electronic signature request. This secure integration allows you to conclude your contract dematerialization process in Hyperlex.

Monitor the progress of your approval processes

You can now manage your operations after having set up your validation and signature procedures. In addition to the time saved on the management of your processes, you offer your company a global and qualitative vision on all its approvals.

The other advantages of Hyperlex

simplifier organisation contrats


Simplify the organization and processing of your contracts to focus on your core business.

accélérer revue de contrats

Save time

Accelerate the review and analysis of your contracts to increase your productivity.



Increase your visibility to better control your risks and contractual commitments.

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