Do you know the Funny Ladies of Law? They are Marie Duault, Laetitia Jacquier and Justine Menu.

Together, they decided to create an original legal newsletter for lawyers, legal professionals and law lovers.

We met them to find out more about this great project.

Our meeting with Les Drôles de Dames du Droit

Presentation of the Funny Ladies of Law 🚶♀️🤸♀️🚶♀️

Marie: I am a lawyer in business and maritime law at the Toulon Bar and founder of Entre Confrères, a consulting firm that trains and assists lawyers and legal departments in transforming themselves in order to develop and sustain their activities. I also innovate in my practice as a lawyer.

Laetitia: I am a former lawyer with a passion for innovation, who hung up her robe to help lawyers and legal departments develop their business, optimise their working methods and processes, strengthen their client relationships (internal or external clients) and innovate. Two years ago, I founded the legal innovation podcast Du Vent Sous La Robe and I lead co-development workshops for lawyers and legal professionals to help them take a step back from their practice and find innovative solutions to their professional problems.

Justine: I work on marketing, web and client relationship issues for lawyers at Entre Confrères, and I am currently developing a client relationship management tool for law firms. I am also the Marketing Director of the Notre Accord mediation centre.

United by their common values and passions, as well as by their complementary skills, these three funny ladies have all joined forces within the company Entre Confrères!


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1) What exactly is the Funny Ladies of Law?

Les Drôles de Dames du Droit: It's a newsletter in which we share our thoughts, insights and advice on subjects we are passionate about: business and entrepreneurship, digital marketing, innovation, customer relations. And it's the writer's pen that decides. No need to subscribe to four different newsletters, we bring together all the subjects that might interest you in one place!

Because we like to laugh and share good times, when we can, we will also organise events to bring together law professionals (but not only!) around a drink!

2) Who is the DDD for?

The Funny Ladies of Law : All lawyers, jurists and students who want to develop their practice and prepare for the future!

3) Why did you create this legal newsletter?

The Funny Ladies of Law : After discussing the topics we cover in the newsletter, we realised that we wanted to communicate all this to help professionals in the legal world to see more clearly, to find the information that could be useful to them in one place... Avoiding infobesity in all directions and combining all the topics to relieve our readers.

And then one day we put a picture of the Funny Ladies on our Whatsapp group, thinking it was us, two brunettes and a blonde!

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4) What inspires your writing? Where does the information you provide come from?

The Funny Ladies of Law:
In this newsletter, our editorial line is driven by everything we read in our personal monitoring, our knowledge of the subjects covered, but above all our own experience as a lawyer or former lawyer, marketing director, podcast creator and consultants in business, marketing, innovation and customer relations. We take the essentials and turn them into practical and simple actions for legal professionals.

5) How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

The Funny Ladies of Law : Nothing could be easier, just click here, fill in your email and name and off you go!


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