Tuyet Anh PHAM THI, has been in charge of the Real Estate and Work Environment entity at La Française des Jeux for 7 years. She has been using Hyperlex for almost a year to store her leases and to easily access contractual information thanks to artificial intelligence. She tells us why she chose a contract management solution such as Hyperlex and the benefits it brings her.



Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your missions at La Française des Jeux?

I have been working at the Française des Jeux (FDJ) since 2013. For the past year and a half, I have been working in the Real Estate and Work Environment department and more specifically in the performance and processes unit.

Within this department, I am in charge of the data project, which means that I am responsible for implementing tools to monitor financial and business data for operational staff. My days are therefore punctuated by the various implementation and reporting projects that I manage.


What were the issues that led you to look for a solution like Hyperlex and how did you go about doing this?

Due to an internal reorganisation, the parent company of FDJ took over the leases of one of its subsidiaries. We needed to store and track these contracts with reminders. Following our IPO in 2019, we could not afford to manage them in Excel. The legal department had a contract management tool, but it was too broad to track our leases specifically.

I was looking for a tool that would not be too restrictive in terms of installation, while guaranteeing me a certain level of security. During a discussion with one of my friends, the Administrative and Financial Director, he told me that he was equipped with a contract management tool called Hyperlex and he explained how it worked. Seduced by his feedback, I decided to contact your teams and that's how the adventure began.


How did the implementation of the solution go?

At La Française des Jeux, security is a major issue. We asked Hyperlex to develop a specific integration with OKTA, our platform for managing secure connections between people and technologies. This phase was supervised by the legal team specific to digital as well as the technical team.

For my part, I followed the Hyperlex training course, given by your Customer Success teams. It was very quick to get to grips with it, as the tool is ergonomic and intuitive.


What were your first impressions of Hyperlex?

With Hyperlex, you can quickly access the information you need.

I immediately noticed that with Hyperlex I didn't have to go through the contract in a linear and tedious way. Thanks to the summary sheet, all the important elements of the contract (start date, duration, cost, surface area, etc.) are identified, which is a great help in our work, especially when you are not a lawyer by training.

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What are the main benefits for you when it comes to Hyperlex?

The great benefit is to be able to store all the contracts that concern us in one place. Today, we use Hyperlex as a storage base allowing us to consult our contracts.

The solution is a real time-saver! With Hyperlex and its search engine, it is possible to access your document in a few clicks.

The data is highlighted by artificial intelligence in summary sheets, which allows us to make decisions based on this information. This is essential for a data manager like me.

Hyperlex also ensures the follow-up of contractual commitments, thanks to the programming of reminders on our deadlines. A revolution compared to Excel...

It should also be noted that Hyperlex is a versatile tool! We are looking forward to using the solution, as it also allows us to store contracts in different languages or to organise our files according to our own nomenclature... The possibilities offered by Hyperlex are numerous!


Hyperlex in a few words for you....

It's an innovative tool that makes my work easier. Artificial intelligence is a real time-saver that allows me to access contractual information very quickly, without having to reread the entire contract.

Hyperlex is also a start-up that listens to its customers and gives us the opportunity to make suggestions on the direction of the product.


What advice would you give to start its digital transition as you did with Hyperlex?

My advice is to anticipate. Internally, we had to frame the project with all the stakeholders and I didn't necessarily think that it would take so much time on our side. You have to anticipate the discussions, the issues (such as security in our case), the back and forth, the various validations, etc., and therefore prepare well before the project.

Thank you Tuyet Anh!


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