In her legal news blog, Anne-Béatrice, half lawyer, half artist, deciphers current topics related to law. And her topics are always well chosen!

The blogger evokes the case of Britney Spears to decipher the legal notion of guardianship, or Kanye West and his album "Donda" to explain the legal issues related to the contracts signed with his label Universal. Anne-Béatrice also offers interviews with Legaltech YouTubers and deciphers their channels.

We went to meet him in order to ask him some questions about this passion which is out of the ordinary!

Hello Anne-Béatrice, thank you for accepting this interview!

You have created Legislane, a blog dedicated to news in the field of law, you also meet the influencers of this field, and you give advice, tips for students who evolve in this field.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce readers to the "Law 2.0" trend, a teaching method introduced by Mr. Bruno Dondero. Could you explain to us what this method consists of? And why you wanted to apply it?

This method of learning law consists in going on social networks to study law in a playful way. It is a way to make the revisions more attractive and to create links with the content creator who is the author of the audio-visual law teaching materials on social networks.

I discovered this learning technique at a time when I felt like quitting law school. I wish to apply it to motivate myself to finish my law studies or my legal work. This law 2.0 trend made me want to continue my studies until the Master 2.

By integrating the training directed by Mr. Dondero of the Audiovisual Center for Legal Studies of the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in the first year of the Master's degree, this teaching method took more than 50% in my way of studying law.

When I saw that it was beneficial, I decided to create the blog to expose all the law influencers that were offering this method of learning. I thought this discovery would make life easier for students!

On Legislane, you write articles on various topics, such as the case concerning the guardianship of Britney Spears, an American public figure, to decipher the legal concept of guardianship in the United States, or the story of Nao Babe, an influencer who created her own brand of false eyelashes that she put on sale through her Instagram page and was accused of drop shipping, to address legal issues in commercial law. How do you select news and topics to decrypt?

I select news items based on the amount of engagement I see on social networks. If I see a lot of people interacting on a news topic, I start thinking about how to expose it from a legal standpoint on my blog.

The topics to be deciphered are selected according to the requests made by my subscribers or according to my interest in the topic in question. I also take into account the relevance of the topic to the readers. That is, the topic must be of interest to the readers and useful to them at the same time.


Since 2017, you've been reaching out to legal influencers to decipher the various YouTube channels that cover the topic to help legal professionals and students find more legal content. What did you learn from these influencers? If you had to pick one meeting out of all the ones you've done, which one would you want to tell us about and why?

From these influencers, I have learned a lot about the skills and knowledge of the legal industry, both in school and on the job.

Each of them has a different legal profession and a unique perspective.

Damien Briand transmits several memorization methods, Laure-Alice Bouvier highlights the law in everyday life, Bruno Dondero gives his lectures on Facebook and on Youtube live from the university amphitheater, Arthur Sauzé popularizes legaltech, Juriswin delivers tips for students, Jurixio is the legal encyclopedia on Youtube, Camille decodes is the legal journalist par excellence, Geomancis media is the tik tokeuse in law who teaches us in a few seconds, Caro et le droit is the pedagogue in labor law, Jurismana is the doctor youtuber in public law and public international law.

The list is not exhaustive, because there are more than a hundred of them, but those I met are the pioneers of the Law 2.0 movement in my eyes.

If I had to talk about one meeting, I would choose the one with Laure-Alice Bouvier. Because she often does a retrospective of herself when she was a student in her Instagram lives to encourage the student community. At the same time, she also manages to offer content to help the professionals of her generation.

If her community is huge on Instagram, I assume the reason is the fact that she is active daily, and is a content creator for law students and legal professionals, without shying away from personal development topics, for students and legal professionals.

Meeting her made me realize that we should not adapt to a boring conformity that society dictates to us in the legal sector.

You are volunteers at the association "juristes d'influence". What does this association offer and what do you do precisely?

I am a volunteer at the association "juristes d'influence". This summer, the name of the association has changed and it is called "juristes d'avenir".

The association aims to give the aspiration to point to the future in terms of studies, professional life and personal development.

This association encourages students to pursue higher education, to deconstruct the fear of failure, and to bring the professional and student worlds closer together. The association aims to make the law and its opportunities more accessible to all.

I am co-responsible for the public relations department. That is to say that I am in charge of putting in touch the law professionals and the association. This brings the professional world and the students closer together. The projection towards a professional future becomes more obvious thanks to them.

What can we wish you for the next few years?

For the years to come, we can wish me to continue to flourish in my personal, professional and associative activities. May I achieve a perfect balance between my legal and artistic sides in everything I do.

I would like to thank the entire Hyperlex team for the interview that allowed me to put the spotlight on the Legislanne blog!

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