If you read us often, you know that we like to offer you portraits on our blog.

Today, it is that ofÉloïse Haddad Mimoun, head of content at Predictice, a legaltech that organises all legal information for legal professionals!

Éloïse Haddad Mimoun, Head of Content at Legaltech Predictice

Hello Eloise, to begin with, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am a Doctor of Law, graduate of Essec and holder of a Master 1 in modern literature, I was originally destined for a career as a teacher-researcher. But life is full of surprises...

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Why didn't you continue your career as a lawyer?

I never wanted to be a lawyer because it is a very demanding profession that does not always allow for a fulfilling personal life. But I always wanted to have a big family and to be able to look after them.

At Predictice, there is a great respect for the needs and aspirations of each individual.

So the fact that I am also a mother of three children - with all the constraints that this implies - is in no way perceived negatively, quite the contrary.

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What do you like about your daily life as a marketer in a legaltech?

Working at Predictice means learning and progressing every day.

When I entered the world of legaltech, I completely changed my job.

The founders of Predictice trusted me and gave me carte blanche to develop a new blog, a magnificent tool that we were able to create together.

The Predictice Blog now has 10,000 monthly views, and we're still growing!

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What is your biggest challenge in your job?

As I am always learning and progressing, my biggest challenge is to fight the fear of not being up to the task.

The encouragement of my managers, as well as the spirit of benevolence that reigns in our teams, helps a lot to overcome these fears.

A study by France Digitale's Legaltech group reveals that the sector's potential has never been so strong: French legaltech is expected to generate more than €100 million in revenue. Why do you think this sector is growing exponentially? How is it changing the daily lives of legal professionals and individuals?

The world of law is undergoing major changes, accelerated by the health crisis.

Faced with information overload and the development of teleworking, the need for secure tools that can be accessed at any time has become apparent.

The Predictice teams have succeeded in developing a search and analysis engine for legal information based on a novel technology of automatic natural language processing.

This technology, capable of analysing court decisions at a speed of two million documents per second, allows lawyers not only to optimise their legal research by obtaining highly relevant results at the click of a button, but also to base their analysis on statistical data (acceptance rate of a claim and amount of compensation likely to be obtained).

In addition, the technology developed by Predictice also allows lawyers to access in one click the decisions, legal foundations and legal texts mentioned in their legal documents, regardless of their format.

Thanks to all these features, Predictice allows legal professionals - lawyers, in-house counsel, insurers - to save time and focus on high value-added tasks.

The development of legaltech responds to the need for efficiency in professions that are becoming digital. This explains the success of the sector.

Furthermore, I am convinced that the development of legaltechs like Predictice is one of the answers to the current malaise in the legal world.

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