Implementing electronic signatures in your department

Find out how to speed up and secure your company's contracting cycles with electronic signatures integrated into your contract management solution.

What I'm going to learn by downloading this fact sheet:

✔️ What is an electronic signature? Is it legal?

✔️ What are the three signature levels and their application?

How does it work in practice?

✔️ What are the benefits for your company?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 companies have deployed an electronic signature project?

This is the state of play revealed by a Day One - Hyperlex study carried out in 2021. The question that comes up most often before getting started is the legality of the electronic signature and how it works.

But to go even further: how can electronic signatures be integrated seamlessly into a contract management solution to make the entire contracting process more fluid?

Answers in our factsheet.

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