Safety at the heart of our DNA

Protecting our customers' data is at the heart of our concerns. This is why we apply the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Hyperlex is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 27701:2019 certified

ISO 27001 is an international standard specifying requirements for information security management systems (ISMS). ISO 27701 is an extension that specifies the requirements for privacy management systems (PIMS).

What does this mean in practice? This certification guarantees our clients that their sensitive information - their contracts - is secure from one end of the processing chain to the other. In addition to our certified infrastructures since the beginning of our activity, this certification attests to the fact that all our internal processes are 100% secure. To find out more, click here.

Enhanced security of your data

We manage sensitive information for our clients on a daily basis and we implement many levels of data protection: 

- We encrypt all data transmissions using the TLS 1.2 protocol (with ECDHE-RSA key exchange with X25519 and symmetrical AES-128 encryption).

- Each document deposited is encrypted with a unique key from your browser according to the AES-256-CBC standard (recommended by ANSSI and ECRYPT-CSA and guaranteeing long-term protection for thirty to fifty years) and will remain end-to-end encrypted until the next time they are viewed. At no time is a document stored or transmitted unencrypted.

- Each customer creates encryption keys specific to each document via a Key Management Service hosted in a different infrastructure. Customers who wish to do so can have their own Key Management Service.

Certified infrastructures and permanent vigilance

In order to constantly comply with the highest safety standards, we and our service providers are audited by professionals. Thus our hosting infrastructures are certified ISO 27001:2013, SSAE16 SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, thus guaranteeing the inviolability of your data. In addition, third-party service providers perform automatic intrusion tests on our platform on a daily basis, and we perform complete security audits of our infrastructure and applications every year. These certificates can be audited by our customers.

The security and confidentiality of our clients' data does not stop at the security of our infrastructure. That's why we apply operational best practices in terms of security, access rights mitigation and deployment of our application. We conduct background checks and implement confidentiality agreements with our staff. All actions performed by the technical team on our servers and on the source code are auditable and controlled. Our source code with all its dependencies is analyzed daily and at each update for vulnerabilities.

A highly available service

Our storage services ensure a guaranteed minimum availability level of 99.9% of energy services (cooling, electricity) and redundant internet access (Tier3+). In addition, all of our customers' data is backed up in the same datacenters as well as in datacenters over 1000 km away, based in the European Union (excluding the UK). This protects our customers' data from a complete destruction of the first datacenter.

Your data belongs to you and you can at any time make a request for portability (reversibility) of your data or a backup on your own servers of your data stored at Hyperlex.

RGPD and Safe Harbor

Our privacy and personal data processing policy complies with the general data protection regulations. Our documentation is available to all our customers as well as the list of authorized service providers with whom Hyperlex works.

Our Technology

Hyperlex has developed a set of automatic language processing technologies based on statistical analysis, deep neural networks and supervised/unsupervised learning. Able to identify and understand key information in contracts, we can analyze and validate hundreds of thousands of documents in record time. With our experience with over 10 million documents and more than 20 terabytes of multilingual data, we have acquired a unique expertise in our industry.

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